Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Life Sounds So Sweet
● Behind-The-Ear
● Noise Filter Technology
● Adjustable volume setting
● Rechargeable over AC or Battery
● Charging care has recharging and storage functions

Suitable for Hearing Loss Level:

Hearing aids suitable hearing loss level moderate to Severe


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✅ For Whom:
Specially made for people who have mild to moderate hearing losses.

✅ Low Power Feature:
Incorporated battery saving software that conserves more battery use to allow you to use your batteries for longer.

✅ Design:
Design to be discreet and almost invisible, the charging storage case is designed to have both charging and storage functions.

✅ Reverb Reducer:
Echo reduction – Hard surfaces often cause reverberation such as acoustic reflections and echoes by surroundings. This function picks up on the reverberation using sophisticated algorithms to reduce reverberation to deliver a clearer and more natural-sounding sound.

✅ Noise Filter Technology:
Built-in noise filter technology helps users in getting the best hearing experience. With the built-in noise filter technology the sound that is received by the hearing aid is processed, the background noise frequency will reduce and allows users to hear the person they are speaking with more clarity.

1 x Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid
3 x Small, Medium, Large Earbuds
1 x AAA Battery
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Charging Storage Case
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number: UP-6EKX
Type: Behind-The-Ear (BTE)
Max. Output @ SPL 90 dB: 140 ± 5 dB
Max. Gain: 55 ± 5dB
Continuous Use: Up to 12 – 16 hours
Battery Type: AC Adapter / AA Battery
Color: Beige
Dimension: 55 x 40 x 10 mm
Weight: 7.6 g

SPL = Sound Pressure Level


Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid

1. Q: What is Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid?
A: An FDA High-Power Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid is a type of hearing aid specifically designed to provide amplified sound for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.

2. Q: How does the Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid work?
A: The hearing aid functions by capturing sound through a microphone, electronically processing the sound, amplifying it, and delivering it to the ear through a speaker. It is worn behind the ear (BTE) and is suitable for individuals with significant hearing loss.

3. Q: How long does the battery of the Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid last?
A: The battery life of the hearing aid depends on various factors such as usage, amplification settings, and battery capacity. On average, the rechargeable battery can last for a full day of use before requiring a recharge. Charging is typically done using a provided charging dock or cable.

4. Q: Can I adjust the volume and settings of the Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid?
A: Yes, the hearing aid usually includes adjustable settings to customize sound amplification, volume, and other parameters according to individual needs. Some models may offer additional features such as noise reduction, feedback cancellation, and multiple listening programs.

5. Q: Can I connect the Digital BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid to other devices?
A: Certain models of the hearing aid may offer wireless connectivity options, allowing you to connect to compatible devices such as smartphones, televisions, or assistive listening systems. This feature enables you to stream audio directly to the hearing aid.