Do hearing aids hurt?

Do hearing aids hurt?

Hearing aids should feel natural in your ears, finding the right fit can sometimes take some time.

– Should hearing aids hurt your ears?
Short answer is no, they should fit comfortably in your ears. You can adjust the fit by switching to different hearing aid styles, ear tip sizes and ear tip materials.

– Getting used to them
It’s important to take it slow when you’re adjusting to new hearing aids, we suggest wearing them for four hours a day at a time to begin with, this could lessen irritation to your skin.
Every hearing aid feels a little different, so giving yourself the time to get use to something new is important.

– What could be causing pain
If you notice a specific area where your hearing aids are rubbing and causing discomfort, you should make adjustments such as switching ear tips.
Another potential cause for pain is that the hearing aids simply aren’t placed properly. Practicing how to place and removing the hearing aid is important to get a comfortable fit.
You could also be feeling some pain if you’re not cleaning your hearing aids properly. Ear infection, bacterial growth and irritation can be extremely painful but avoidable with proper sanitation and maintenance.

Your hearing aids should be completely comfortable for the duration that you are wearing and using them.
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