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Mimitakara's technology is a combination of our global team's contribution. We have an array of different people from different countries with different backgrounds working towards a common goal of bringing a hearing solution for both you and your loved ones.
Our goal is to push the bounds of innovation for hearing aids and hearing amplifiers while maintaining the affordability of hearing devices to everyone.

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Mimitakara believes in QUALITY, VALUE and SERVICE. These 3 core values is the companies foundation.
We design, develop and manufacture all our products ourselves alongside our trusted partners in Taiwan,
to ensure that our clients and their family receive the absolute best hearing experience we have to offer.


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Charlie B
Charlie B
Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2016
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Very crisp and bonus Bluetooth feature.
Mimitakara FDA Registered Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier, with Bluetooth earphone technology.
I am getting up in age and I have difficulty hearing, I go to events where people are speaking and I have a hard time understanding what they say. I wanted to get a amplifier to try and improve what I am hearing.

• Rechargeabke battery
• Two ear buds
• Bluetooth pairs to phone
• Volume controls on main unit
• Spaghetti cable for keeping from tangled
• Carry case
• Very crisp clear sound

Cons: None
This amplifier is incredible. The audio out of it is crisp and clear. When attending events, I bring this and I can hear so much better. I don't have to ask my wife what someone said and so on. There is a volume control on the main unit. The unit is rechargeable and with a charging block and micro USB cable. The Bluetooth feature is a huge bonus with this device. I pair this to my phone and I can listen to music while out on walks. If I get an incoming call, I talk through this, The song is muted and the audio of the call is passed through the earbuds. Also, when I pause a song, the amplifier kicks in and I can hear my surroundings without having to take out my earbuds. I am very impressed with this hearing amplifier.
Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2016
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Helped Hear Better
I am having difficulty hearing these days and I do not have the will to get to a doctor/audiologist quite yet as I do not want to accept I am getting older - LOL! I ordered the Mimitakara® FDA Registered Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier, with Bluetooth earphone technology for those occasions I am having trouble. It most often is when there is a lot of surrounding noise.
I took it out and figured out how it works when I received it last week. It is packaged very professionally and there is a nice little carrying case. I was disappointed however to find out the headphones are not removable as there are only certain headphones that really fit in my ear and I prefer over the headphones when possible. I used it this weekend when my daughter was running in and out of the house with friends while I was trying to watch a movie - there was a lot of chatting and things clanking. Other than the headphone issue it did amplify the sound and help me hear better.
I have received this item for a discount in exchange for my review. The sellers ask only that I give my honest opinion and neither require nor reward positive feedback, nor punish negative feedback. I receive no financial compensation or reward for this review. I hope the information I have given helps you in some way 🙂 🙂
Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2016
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Great value.
If you are not hard of hearing, don't crank these up or you will be. Great sensitivity, with noise reduction option. Bluetooth option great for younger versatile user. The headset does not plug in, so when breaks your done. Rechargeable fast. Excellent detailed instruction. Awkward reception box, slightest jarring causes loud scratching, takes some getting use to. Start at low setting, trust me. Also try using in worst ear first, the ear buds are not conducive to long wearing. Keep in mind your buying them because you need them and 60 dollars is a bargain to 1200 each ear to 3000 each ear, think about that before being turned off by feature. It works well and worth trying. This is the design of hearing aids back in the 50's and 60's, Bluetooth to better comfort fit buds or headset option would be nice, also a jumper port to plug into cell or portable house phone. All in all well worth the price to help aged person regain some clarifications ability at an affordable price. Manufacturer took time in detail of electronics and it shows. 4 stars for discomfort and non repairable headset as well as limited clip adaptability.
Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2016
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A Good Solution For Serious Hearing Problems
The Mimitakara was shipped quickly, packed well and seemed to be made well. I had to return them since my minor hearing loss in one ear just disn't warrant stereo ear plugs and there was no balance control. It is very sensitive to sharp sounds and movement of the unit's body which was somewhat distracting, but did do a decent job of amplifying sound as long as you're not moving around. I did find the frequency response to be somewhat limited, but that was specified in the instruction and listing,, so not misleading. I've never been fond of in-ear plugs, but most hearing aids fits that way and something you just have to get used to. The price was better than other hearing aids that I invesrigated and would be useful for more serious issues od hearing loss in both ears. Yje BlueTooth option was a plus, especially for phones with that capability and the rechargeable battery was better than having to replace batteries. I don't recommend them for music listening - they're geared toward speech, not music.
Deloris Atkins
Deloris Atkins
Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2016
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Wonderful product.
My 79 year old husband could not hear our daughter or the TV so I have been helping by telling him what was said. He doesn't want to wear a hearing aid, but is needing some help. From the previous reviews I felt that this might be the answer to his problems since so many wrote that it looks as if the person wearing it is listening to music. His 80th Birthday is tomorrow and I wanted him to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. I ordered and gave this to him early, and he is so pleased with it already. Our daughter speaks softly but now he can hear her and the television shows and is enjoying life so much more. This is an excellent product and I would recommended it to my sister for her husband.
G. Buell
G. Buell
Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2016
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A good value
I have never used a hearing device. With this unit I can hear the birds and my wife... I like that you can wear it when needed and remove it where hearing quiet sound are not needed, for example playing a horn in a band. It amplifies the higher pitched sound best. It helps me to keep the volume down when watching TV or hearing music without bothering others in the house. The cords dragging on the shirt are heard. I use a clip to minimize this annoying sound. I am glad that I did not buy an expensive set of hearing aids. This suits my purpose well enough.
David D. Tidwell
David D. Tidwell
Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2016
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This unit does a good job of enhancing the upper frequencies.
For the price , This unit does a good job of enhancing the upper frequencies... I use it for watching tv to help filter out the lower frequencies since my hearing is just not what it use to be... Nice packaging, easy to use. I recommend this product.
Elizabeth S. Kerce
Elizabeth S. KerceReviewed in the United States on January 10, 2017
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My 91 year old Dad says these are the best hearing help he has used
My 91 year old Dad says these are the best hearing help he has used. He won't even wear his expensive hearing aids, but he says these are "great!"
Bernard Freund
Bernard Freund
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2016
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Wonderful product that works as described.
Wonderful product that works as described. Would had been 5 stars had it had non-hard wired replaceable ear (pod) phones.
Carole Converse-Barnes
Carole Converse-Barnes
Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2016
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Five Stars
Seems to help a lot with 95 year old's hearing loss

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