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The Hearing Aid National Team Will Release the World’s First True MEMS Hearing Aid Using xMEMS Silicon-micro Speakers at CES Consumer Electronics Show in the United States


The world’s first hearing aid equipped with xMEMS solid-state speakers is coming soon! This hearing aid adopts the xMEMS Labs True MEMS speaker “Montara” represented by EDOM Technology, which can provide top-level auxiliary listening sound quality of ” high fidelity, full-bandwidth sound and low total harmonic distortion (THD)”! This product will be exhibited by Mimitakara, together with xMEMS at the Consumer Electronics Show in the United States on January 5, 2023 (Venetian Hotel, Suite 29-317), and will also be appear on the market from our website www.mimitakarahealth.com starting from January 1, 2023.

Mimitakara’s “6EB Active Hearing Aid” leads the industry and is the first to adopt “True MEMS speakers”. The “MEMS speaker” developed by a high-precision, high-consistency semiconductor process is the world’s first IP-58 waterproof and dustproof micro-speaker. When compared to traditional coil-based speaker architectures, Montara’s superior high-frequency response, lack of in-band resonance peaks, and 15dB of gain above 1kHz make it an ideal speaker for addressing high-frequency hearing loss and improving speech intelligibility in noise. Montara’s vented speaker diaphragm doesn’t pressurize the ear canal, resulting in reduced fatigue with increased long-term wear and listening comfort. This innovative MEMS approach has also produced the worlds’ fastest and most precise µspeakers, eliminating spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers which improves audio quality and sound field reproduction. The built-in “Montara” earphone “6EB Active Hearing Aid” with excellent performance will allow users to enjoy a super-high-level auditory feast!

The successful launch of Mimitakara’s “6EB Active Hearing Aid” is due to the joint efforts of Mimitakara and EDOM Technology.

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