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Resolving many hearing aid maintenance issues for elderly seniors

Digital BTE Pro Hearing Aid


UP-6EKA Resolving many hearing aid maintenance issues for elderly seniors. Over the years of developing and designing hearing aids, we have seen many elderly seniors struggle with the day to day life with a hearing aid. For seniors struggling with hearing loss, hearing aids are essential for everyday life. However, hearing aids are made small and often hard to operate for the elderly (especially when it comes to replacing their tiny batteries). Batteries are is the most frequently changed component in a hearing aid however it’s a big hassle for the elderly due to a number of reasons (poor eyesight, unsteady hands, forgetting). It’s not just the batteries that are small, but the compartment that they are housed in is also small so to access and open the battery compartment alone is a struggle on its own. The Mimitakara UP-6EKA aims to resolve this problem for the elderly. – It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries (no fiddling with small batteries) – It recharges with a stand (no fiddling with wires) – The stand acts as a place to put the hearing aids at night so that every day the hearing aids are fully charged and ready to be used. During our pilot testing, an overwhelming number of elderly seniors preferred the recharge method of the UP-6EKA over others on the market. The convenience of the Mimitakara UP-6EKA Hearing Aid is helping many of our senior citizens already. ————— All business inquiries are welcome

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