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The ability to hear is a wonderful gift to us and directly contributes to connecting and maintaining interpersonal relationships. So, Hearing health is an essential part of life and plays a vital role in our success story and 100% engagement in an activity.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, at least one person is out of five facing Hearing Health Issues. Hearing Health Condition is considered one of the most prevailed health conditions and can directly/ indirectly lead to some other major health conditions such as Dementia, Depression & Social Isolation, Stress, and fatigue (The Lancet Commission 2020).

Hearing Loss Degree

In research done by the WHO and Health organization, 40% of the population with Hearing Health conditions ignores/ Fails to detect Hearing Loss in the early stage. If the Hearing Loss is acknowledged at the early stage, with proper treatment & Hearing Aids, it can be controlled or its severity can be minimized.

Mimitakara Hearing Healthcare with decades of experience and expertise in Hearing and Healthcare provides simple steps that can assist you to do a self-assessment of your hearing health. After going through the below points you will have a clear idea that will assist you in making a decision to visit an audiologist/ use Hearing Aids.

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Hearing Loss Self Checklist

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