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Alpro pharmacy in Malaysia


Alpro pharmacy in Malaysia

Alpro Pharmacy (one of the largest pharmacy group) in #Malaysia has partnered with #Mimitakara to bring affordable high-tech hearing aids to the people of Malaysia.
We visited a few of Alpro Pharmacy stores during our visit this week and they offer a wide range of products that help people with medical difficulties.

Our CEO visit their HQ during the visit and discussed further expansion plans with the group to bring in a wider range of hearing aid products to help our a more comprehensive range of people.
You can look out for our Mimitakara Hearing Aids Centre signs at Alpro Pharmacies in Malaysia to get the best service and products that we have to offer.

We have a wide range of hearing aids offered in Alpro stores from BTE to ITC digital hearing aids to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids too.

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