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🎯 Before modern technology, we had to use big industrial machines to test our health conditions such as a sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure Machine) which was only available in hospitals.
🎯 As technology progresses over the years, so has our medical equipment and instruments making them smaller and more portable for the everyday person to do a self-diagnoses in the comfort of their own homes for reference.
🎯 Hearing aids have also come a long way in medical technology advancements and the roles and regulations once set by the governments and FDA are also changing to accompany the supply and demand for the self-diagnoses hearing tests from the comfort of your own home and allowing OTC (Over The Counter) hearing aids to be available.
🎯 Majority of people who have hearing loss can’t afford the expensive high-end hearing aids that are being offered by larger companies and audiologists. Most people also don’t need such high-end hearing aids, a standard hearing aid to assist the patient might be all that they need.

Mimitakara has a wide range of hearing aids product lines that have self-fitting and self-hearing tests and support staff to assist you with your hearing aid needs and would find one that best suits you.

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