Bluetooth TWS goodHearing T3 Hearing Aid with Microphone Transmitter

  • Clear and Enhanced Sound: Crystal-clear sound with our advanced Bluetooth TWS technology, providing optimal high-fidelity audio.
  • Rechargeable & Long-lasting: Rechargeable battery with fast charging, offering up to 14 hours of continuous usage for your convenience.
  • Easy-to-Use Touch Controls: Effortlessly adjust the volume and manage your calls with our convenient remote control feature.
  • Comfortable & Discreet Design: Designed with comfort in mind, comfortable to wear all day long, ensuring a discrete and modern look that complements your style.
  • Regulation Compliant: Meet the highest standards of safety. We are registered under the US FDA regulations.

Suitable for Hearing Loss Level:
Hearing aids suitable hearing loss level mild to moderate

Mimitakara Extended Protection Plan:

  • Protect your new hearing aid for $40
  • Get up to one replacement a year for accidental damage or loss*
  • Priority access to Mimitakara Support Team
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OTC Hearing Aids-T3

Effortless communication and remote control : Bluetooth connection made easy

  • Effortless Communication and Remote Control: Stay connected with the world around you through our Bluetooth Hearing Aid Microphone
  • Seamless Bluetooth Connection: Pairing your devices has never been easier, providing you with a hassle free experience when pairing your hearing aid bluetooth microphone to your T3 hearing aid
  • Clear Audio Reception: Reduce ambient noise and enjoy clear audio reception during conferences and entertainment use.
  • Long Range Reception: Stay engaged even from a distance, capturing every word and maintaining clear communication
  • Elderly Friendly Remote Control: Easy to adjust volume and switch between hearing aid and microphone using the transmitter.

Value Proposition 3

Immersive listening experience : Customize your Mimitakara hearing aid

  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Technology: Enjoy a wireless connection between both the left and right hearing aids for a seamless listening experience.
  • Separately Adjustable Channels: Personalize the sound settings for the left and right hearing aid to suit your individual hearing preferences

Hassle free and cost effective : Rechargable and Long Lasting Battery

  • Rechargeable Battery: Save money and effort with the built in rechargeable battery
  • 2 Hour Fast Charging: Get a full charge quickly to enjoy 6 hours of continuous use
  • 30 Min quick Charge: Charging for only 30 minutes and get 4 hours of use

Ensure better sound quality: Microphone Transmitter

  • Reduce ambient noise
  • Receive sounds from up to 8m away when the transmitter is placed in front of the speaker.
  • Especially suitable for conference and one on one conversation in noisy place
  • Easily pick up TV sound when the microphone transmitter is placed in front of your TV.
  • Hear TV sound better without disturbing people around you.
  • Serve as remote control to adjust volume and switch between listening / microphone mode of your device.


1 x Rechargeable Hearing Aid (Pair)
1 x Charging Box
1 x User Manual ➡️ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Model Name: UP-6EN
Product Name: GoodHearing T3
Type: True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
Max. Output @ SPL 90 dB: 117 dB @SPL 90dB
Max. Gain 33±3 dB
Continuous Use: up to 6 Hours
Battery Type: Rechargeable Battery
Color: Black/White
Dimension: Hearing Aids:
23.5 x 19 x 37 mm / pcs
Charging Box:
68 x 29.5 x 37.5 mm / pcs
Microphone Transmitter:
47 x 14 x 33 mm / pcs
Weight: 4.5±0.5 g / pcs
Charging Box: 28±5 g
Microphone Transmitter: 30±5 g

SPL = Sound Pressure Level



1.Q: Does the Bluetooth TWS goodHearing T3 Hearing support Bluetooth streaming connection with smartphones?

A: Yes, the Bluetooth TWS goodHearing T3 Hearing support Bluetooth streaming connection. You can easily connect the hearing aids to your smartphone and stream music.

2.Q: Is the hearing aid rechargeable?

A: Yes, the GoodHearing T3 hearing aid is rechargeable. It comes with a charging box, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.

3.Q: How effective are OTC hearing aids?

A: The effectiveness of OTC hearing aids depends on the degree of hearing loss and needs of the individual. For the applicable population, proper setting and use of OTC hearing aids can provide better hearing assistance. However, for certain conditions or more severe hearing loss, it may be necessary to seek professional medical advice and use traditional hearing aids.

4. Q: Are OTC hearing aids regulated by regulations?

A: Availability and regulation of OTC hearing aids vary by country. Certain regions may have specific regulations and standards to ensure the quality and safety of OTC hearing aids.


*Mimitakara Extended Protection Plan: This protection program offers our valued customers the opportunity to replace their products. Please note that a service charge will apply.