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Founding Story

Globally, two-thirds of people aged 60 and above experience hearing loss, yet the usage of hearing aids falls short due to cost and the need for frequent professional adjustments.

Mimitakara's founder, inspired by his hearing-impaired sister, pioneered a solution. Utilizing cloud-based SaaS technology, Mimitakara's hearing aids enable users to self-adjust through a mobile app, reducing after-sales costs and enhancing user convenience.

Before founding Mimitakara, the founder obtained a patent for a "rechargeable hearing aid" during his work with international brands. Motivated by a desire for eco-friendly solutions, he transitioned from subcontracting to focus on R&D. An encounter with audiology researcher Harvey Dillon in Australia fueled his vision of hearing aids moving towards 'self-adjustment,' inspiring the pursuit of cloud-based services.

Mimitakara breaks the mold by developing affordable Over-The-Counter (OTC) hearing aids that connect via the cloud. Users can interact with audiologists for adjustments through text or calls, ensuring personalized service. The reduced service costs enable Mimitakara to offer hearing aids at half the price of traditional ones. In Taiwan, Mimitakara has entered drugstores and garnered interest from hearing centers, lowering barriers for new users. The goal is to bring the beauty of sound to more people, echoing the founder's love for his sister.

Story of Mimitakara

The name "Mimitakara," meaning ear treasure in Japanese, encapsulates the journey. The commitment to creating "Ear Treasure" is a testament to Japanese excellence embraced by Mimitakara.

In the Taiwanese manufacturing hub, Mimitakara blends Japanese precision with cutting-edge innovation. Hearing aids become reflections of artistry, integrating technologies like Bluetooth, cloud capabilities, MFi, and digital enhancements

Mimitakara extends its commitment beyond devices, crafting accessories with precision. Bluetooth transmitters and UV-C sanitizers enrich the auditory experience, showcasing a dedication to quality in every aspect.

Our Founder

David Wu

Ph.D, Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University

Chairman and General Manager of Digimax International Co., Ltd.

Chairman and General Manager of Digisine Energytech Co., Ltd.

35 years of professional experience

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