Do you know the risk of Hearing Loss is higher in men than women?

Do you know the risk of Hearing Loss is higher in men than women?

Ever you think that why the population of men suffering from hearing loss is in a higher proportion than women? According to the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders, men are twice likely to get hearing loss than women. The reason is the lifestyle.  


 Men’s lifestyle and actions in adulthood such as loud music, excessive noise working conditions, smoking intensifies the natural degradation of hearing ability and in later life identified as hearing loss. Men’s lifestyle and interests have evolved towards loud music, loud games, revving cars and motorcycles, and live concerts. However some are bound by occupations and responsibilities, construction and battlefield are some of the examples where men are most likely exposed to heavy machinery, equipment, and the gunfire which leads to premature hearing loss over time.  

 Another deciding factor is gender inclination, men are more likely to pursue more masculine like manufacturing, trucking industry which encounters heavy noise.  Most of the studies suggest that men are less likely to seek help or talk about hearing loss.   


Prevent Hearing Loss

In today’s day-to-day life it’s almost impossible to escape all these noises and their impact on our hearing health, which makes hearing protection a necessary step.

  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to loud noise.

  • We recommend using earplugs while around loud noise which is available at drug stores.

  • Investing in the quality Hearing Aids in the early stages of Hearing Loss.

 **Protection is always better than cure**

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