Are you eligible for hearing aids from the VA?

Annually, about one million veterans receive disability compensation for hearing loss.
The reason why many veterans have hearing loss is because of routine exposure to loud noise in active combat and other on-the-job activities.
Hearing loss is the most prevalent service-related injury that disables veterans, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

To help veterans coping with hearing loss or related disorders like tinnitus, the VA offers two main services:

VA will provide hearing aids to the following veterans:

Those with any service-connected disability.

  • Former Prisoners of War

  • Purple Heart recipients

  • Those rated permanently housebound or in need of regular aid and attendance.

  • Those with hearing impairment resulting from diseases or a medical condition for which they are getting VA care or disability

  • Those who have hearing impairment severe enough that it interferes with their ability to participate actively in their own medical treatment or daily living

Preventing hearing loss in today’s military

Minimize exposure to noisy environments: While it may not be possible to choose your level of exposure to loud sounds, do try to limit loud sound exposure, both at work and off-duty.

  • Wear hearing protection: As much as possible, service members should wear protective barriers for their ears. Gunfire is a major cause of hearing loss.

  • Protect the head to prevent trauma or injury: Protecting yourself against head trauma can reduce the chance of injuries that can contribute to hearing loss.

  • Have regular hearing check-ups: After a baseline hearing test, military personnel should have their hearing checked at least every two years to catch any changes early, according to the VA.

Source:, hearing healthy.

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